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Hurricane Fencing Repairs at Bulk Terminal, Southside Intermodal Yard and Harbor Island
Project # 16-16999A
The scope of work consists of installing approximately 2,127 linear feet of 8 foot tall security fencing and manual swing gate at Bulk Terminal, Southside Intermodal Yard and Harbor Island due to Hurricane Harvey damage.
Project Mgr: Eileen Mink
December 01,2017 Rejected/Cancelled Details
Oil Dock 4 Ship Fender System Repairs
Project # 17-009B
Scope of work generally includes replacement of fender rubber elements and fender panels for two ship breasting structures at public Oil Dock 4 including the fabrication of structural steel adapter plates to accommodate the rubber fender elements. Rubber fender elements and fender panels will be supplied by PCCA.
Project Mgr: Jacob Morales, P.E.
October 06,2017 Awarded Details
Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet
Inner and Outer Harbor Land Management
Project # 16-019A
Scope of work generally consists of site work located at the corner of Joe Fulton Corridor and Navigation Boulevard on the north side of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. Work will include the installation of storm water controls, dewatering, delivery and placement of contractor supplied select fill, topsoil, seeding and watering.
Project Mgr: Bert Perez
October 02,2017 Awarded Details
Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet
Roadway and Parking Lot Repairs (2016)
Project # 16-018A
Project Mgr: Bert Perez, P.E.
July Day,2017 Pending ---
Nueces Bay Shoreline Revetment
Project # 16-015H
Scope of work includes reshaping 450 LF of an existing shoreline with additional fill to stabilize embankment. Includes shaping and excavation of existing bank, furnish and placement of geotextile fabric, fill, compaction, and placement of 2"-6" bedding stone, and 6"-18" armor riprap. Project also includes 200 SF of repairs to damaged asphalt pavement bike path. This is a lump sum contract.
Project Mgr: Eileen Mink
May 18,2017 Awarded Details
Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet
Oil Dock 3 Barge Breasting Structure Replacement
Project # 16-052A
The scope of work generally consists of construction of new multi-pile barge breasting structure and removal of existing 4-pile breasting structure. In addition, work includes rehabilitation of two existing barge breasting structures, replacement of underwater anodes and replacement of dock timber fenders.
Project Mgr: Jacob Morales
May 04,2017 Awarded Details
Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet
Addendum No. 1
Repairs to PCCA Bridge at Oil Dock 12
Project # 15-037B
The scope of work to repair the short span bridge at PCCA Oil Dock 12 includes, but is not limited to, stabilizing existing bridge approaches by removing existing concrete and excavating existing soil, installing new steel sheet piles and flowable fill, epoxy injections, shallow, partial, and full depth concrete repairs, and replacement of superstructure coating.
Project Mgr: Eileen Mink
March 24,2017 Awarded Details
Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet
Maintenance Painting at the Bulk Terminal
Project # 17-010B
This is a unit rate contract to provide sandblasting and painting services of industrial structures at the Bulk Terminal complex and in the complex paint building.
Project Mgr: Jacob Morales
March 23,2017 Awarded Details
Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet
Repairs on East Trestle at Bulk Dock 1
Project # 16-015C
Scope of Work consists of removal and replacement of reinforced concrete fill on the East Trestle at Bulk Dock 1; removal and replacement of multiple expansion joints; removal and repair of spalled concrete including any required repair of damaged reinforcing steel; and, the installation of steel expansion joint armor at the entrance to the East Trestle.
Project Mgr: Lou Donato
February 24,2017 Awarded Details
Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet
Bulk Dock 1 Storage Building Upgrades
Project # 15-032A
Work consists of Asbestos abatement of the existing Bulk Dock 1 Storage Building as well as the replacement of the roof, siding, framing, windows, door and electrical system and other miscellaneous building items.
Project Mgr: Lou Donato
January 27,2017 Rejected/Cancelled Details
Pre Bid Sign In Sheet
Addendum No. 1
Addendum No. 2
Purchase of Dock Fenders and Panels - Update
Project # 17-014A
Bid includes the purchase of ten (10) units of MV 1250 x 1000A fender element bodies with five (5) sets of associated hardware, eight (8) units of 20" x 6' long Extruded Trapezoid fender elements with eight (8) sets of associated hardware, two (2) units of 7' X 9' TYPE A Panel System, three (3) units of 5' X 9' TYPE B Panel System, four (4) units of 20" x 10' long Extruded Trapezoid fenders elements with four (4) sets of associated hardware, and six (6) units of 20" x 6' long Molded Arch fender elements with six (6) sets of associated hardware. Fenders and hardware are listed as individual bids for purchases and can be awarded to more than one bidder.
Project Mgr: Eileen Mink, E.I.T.
January 23,2017 Awarded Details
Upgrades and Repairs to Bulk Dock 2 Marine Structures
Project # 15-035A
Scope of work occurring at Bulk Dock 2 generally includes removing two existing breasting dolphins and installing two new monopile barge breasting structures, replacing existing ship fender systems, installing intertidal corrosion protection pile wraps, replacing timber bumpers, repairing or installing five new steel pile caps and ten steel piles, performing concrete repairs, replacing corroded metal accessories, including hardware, ladders, and steel HDG-steps, repairing one concrete outfall, and repairing articulating concrete revetment.
Project Mgr: Eileen Mink, E.I.T.
November 04,2016 Awarded Details
Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet
Addendum No 1
Drainage Improvements for Nueces River Fishing Area
Project # 15-015K
Work consists of constructing a drainage channel along the south side of the existing River Access Road, installing concrete culvert pipe and headwalls, installing geogrid, building up the River Access Road at the culvert location and re-grading its length, filling a site depression, and installing additional roadbase on the existing Service Road.
Project Mgr: Lou Donato
September 28,2016 Awarded Details
Addendum No 1
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