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Public Storage Pads Upgrades
Project # 14-030A
Project Mgr: Bert Perez, P.E.
July Day,2017 Pending ---
Chiller Replacement at Ortiz Center
Project # 15-047A
Project Mgr: Bert Perez, P.E.
June Day,2017 Pending ---
Bulk Terminal Paving Improvements
Project # 16-008A
Includes design and implementation of pavement installation and repair at various locations in and around the Bulk Terminal. General areas to be addressed under this project may include but not be limited to: the shiploader road and access areas, the road to the paint building, Kirskey Road, the area around Conveyor Belt 8, the Bulk Terminal entrance road, and selected laydown or work areas. The scope of work will also include design services to support the planned work.
Project Mgr: Brett Flint, P.E.
May Day,2017 Pending ---
General Improvements to Cargo Dock Transer
Project # 16-032A
Project Mgr: Bert Perez, P.E.
May Day,2017 Pending ---
Viola Barge Basin Bulkhead Addition
Project # 16-035A
Design and construct a steel sheet pile at the approximately 220-foot long shoreline bulkhead at the Viola Barge Basin.
Project Mgr: Danielle Caro
May 08,2017 Active Details
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Fire System Pressurization Upgrades at North Bank Oil Terminal Facilities
Project # 14-023A
Project Mgr: Bert Perez, P.E.
April Day,2017 Pending ---
Interim Improvements and Stabilization of Permian Yard
Project # 17-708A
The project site is on the north side of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel at the Permian Yard. Work generally includes cutting, filling, and grading the site to line grades shown on'the construction drawings, the removal of three concrete drainage structures, applying hydromulch vegetative cover, and watering vegetation to achieve permanent stabilization of the site.
Project Mgr: Steven Ashley
March 31,2017 Active Details
Addendum No. 1
Purchase of Floating Dock - Oil Transfer Operating Platform
Project # 17-033A
This is a purchase of 12,000 bbl double-hulled tank barges with hose tower, equipped with a 20,000lb load capacity hydraulic marine crane (Nautilus model 60B2-70 or equivalent), fitted with remote-operated Vessel Overfill Control System and include a vapor combustion dock safety unit skid
Project Mgr: Brett Flint, P.E.
March 16,2017 Awarded Details
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Equipment Storage Building
Project # 14-028B
Project Mgr: Bert Perez, P.E.
January Day,2017 Pending ---
Tule Lake Lift Bridge Foundation Removal
Project # 07-046C
The scope of work generally consists of complete removal and disposal of both north and south primary bridge piers and abutments, abutment piles and fendering systems, removal and stockpiling of rip-rap shore protection, excavation/dredging of materials to widen the channel, and installation of shoreline protection. The Tule Lake Lift Bridge piers and abutments once supported road and rail traffic across the Corpus Christ Ship Channel within PCCA�s Inner Harbor. Base bid includes removal of north and south pier piles and original bridge construction form work and cofferdam remnants above elevation -68.0 ft. MLT. An additive bid item may be submitted for the additional cost to completely remove and dispose of all pier piles and original bridge remnants below, deeper than, -68 ft. MLT.
Project Mgr: David L. Michaelsen, P.E.
November 08,2016 Awarded Details
Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet
Addendum No. 1
Sam Rankin Street Improvements
Project # 15-053A
Scope of work consists of the full depth reconstruction, widening, and paving of approximately 1,500 linear feet of Sam Rankin Street. Work includes removing existing utilities, and proving storm water system, pavement, utilities, curb & gutter, rail crossings, stabilized subgrade, limestone base, hot mix asphalt paving driveways, sidewalks, pavement striping, street signs, and seeding.
Project Mgr: Bert Perez, P.E.
September 27,2016 Awarded Details
Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet
Addendum No 1
Construction of Oil Dock 15
Project # 16-033-A
The scope of work for Construction of Oil Dock 15 generally includes: dredging, construction of a dock platform and approachway with multi-pile breasting and monopile mooring structures, fendering system, installation of shoreline sheet pile bulkhead and articulated block mat shoreline revetment. Site work improvements include a limestone parking and work area, area lighting, potable water and a firewater system. Work also includes fabrication, installation and commissioning of electrical and mechanical systems, including piping, pipe racks, electrical building and related items, as well as installation of owner-supplied marine loading arms, dock safety unit and vapor combustion unit.
Project Mgr: Natasha Fudge
September 27,2016 Awarded Details
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Security Grant 15 - Bulk Terminal Fencing
Project # 15-061C
The base bid scope of work consists of installing 8,008 linear feet of 8 ft tall security fencing and manual swing gates along the perimeter of the Bulk Terminal. Additive bid items include concrete curb, gate conversions to automatic (excludes gates), and culvert safety end treatment protection
Project Mgr: Carlos Martinez, P.E.
August 30,2016 Awarded Details
Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet

La Quinta Mitigation - Aquatic Habitat - Phase II
Project # 12-031B
The work consists of excavating material from designated areas and conveying to and filling the material into a remote offshore site in Corpus Christi Bay, and shaping to create mitigation and/or protection berms within the specified template; preparation of planting plans for and the planting of smooth cord grass, Spartina alterniflora, and shoal grass, Halodule wrightii; post-plant monitoring of the planted vegetation, including preparation of monitoring plans, reports, and replanting, if necessary; protection of the environment; erosion control; construction surveying; and cleanup.
Project Mgr: Paul Carangelo
July 08,2016 Awarded Details
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