Plan Holders List
RFP - Occupational Health & Safety Management System and Health & Safety Policies and Manuals February 28,2017
RFA for Depository Banking Services October 07,2016
RFP for Workers Compensation Insurance October 06,2016
Waterway Planning Study of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel System September 02,2016
RFP - Environmental Inspections, Plans & Demolition Contract Administration Related to Hillcrest Voluntary Acquisitions Program August 03,2016
RFP - Electricity Supply and Associated Services February 26,2016
RFP-Real Property Acquisition and Relocation Assistance Services February 22,2016
RFQ - 2016 Major & Minor Engineering Projects February 09,2016
RFP - Environmental Management Information System January 29,2016
RFQ - Professional Services for Bulk Terminal Master Planning January 29,2016
RFQ - Underwater Inspection of Various Waterfront Facilities January 21,2016
Repairs to PCCA Bridge at Oil Dock 12 March 24,2017
Maintenance Painting at the Bulk Terminal March 23,2017
Repairs on East Trestle at Bulk Dock 1 February 24,2017
Bulk Dock 1 Storage Building Upgrades January 27,2017
Purchase of Dock Fenders and Panels - Update January 23,2017
Upgrades and Repairs to Bulk Dock 2 Marine Structures November 04,2016
Drainage Improvements for Nueces River Fishing Area September 28,2016
Remove Shoal By Dredging Within San Patricio Turning Basin August 15,2016
Marine Improvements at Oil Dock 2 August 12,2016
RFP- Residential and Commerical Demolition and Property Clearing June 28,2016
Roadway Improvements at the Bulk Terminal, Avery Point and Rincon Road April 22,2016
Fire Line Improvements at Oil Dock 2 April 04,2016
Maintenance Painting at the Bulk Terminal April 01,2016
Purchase of Bulk Fuel March 04,2016
Purchase of Conveyor Idlers February 29,2016
Re-Roofing of the William D Dodge III Security Command Center and Annex Building Eyebrows February 26,2016
Inner and Outer Harbor Land Management (2015) January 29,2016
Savage Lane Railroad Drainage (2015) January 29,2016
Resurface South Side Storage Yard January 22,2016
Interim Improvements and Stabilization of Permian Yard March 24,2017
Tule Lake Lift Bridge Foundation Removal November 08,2016
Sam Rankin Street Improvements September 27,2016
Construction of Oil Dock 15 September 27,2016
Storm Water System Quality Improvements - Maintenance Facility September 02,2016
Security Grant 15 - Bulk Terminal Fencing August 30,2016
Shoreline Revetment West of Bulk Dock 2 August 30,2016
Annex Building HVAC Chiller Replacement July 22,2016
La Quinta Mitigation - Aquatic Habitat - Phase II July 08,2016
Purchase of Loading Arms for Public Oil Dock 15 June 14,2016
Installation of AEI Readers May 25,2016
Security Grant 14 - Oil Dock 14 Security Improvements March 24,2016
Repairs to PCCA Bridge at Oil Dock 11 March 22,2016
Replacement of Damaged Breasting Structure at Oil Dock 9 February 26,2016
Joe Fulton International Trade Corridor Waterline Extension Project January 29,2016
Bulk Terminal Office Renovation August 28,2015