Bid Results
Purchase of Dock Fenders (Re-Bid) June 6,2018
Roadway and Parking Lot Repairs (2016) March 07,2018
Oil Dock 4 Ship Fender System Repairs October 06,2017
Inner and Outer Harbor Land Management October 02,2017
Nueces Bay Shoreline Revetment May 18,2017
Oil Dock 3 Barge Breasting Structure Replacement May 04,2017
Repairs to PCCA Bridge at Oil Dock 12 March 24,2017
Maintenance Painting at the Bulk Terminal March 23,2017
Repairs on East Trestle at Bulk Dock 1 February 24,2017
Bulk Dock 1 Storage Building Upgrades January 27,2017
Purchase of Dock Fenders and Panels - Update January 23,2017
Upgrades and Repairs to Bulk Dock 2 Marine Structures November 04,2016
Drainage Improvements for Nueces River Fishing Area September 28,2016
La Quinta Ship Dock Berth Dredging Project September 10,2018
Hurricane Harvey Repairs to Armoring of the Nueces Bay Shoreline/Bike Path July 31,2018
Security Grant 15 - Bulk Terminal Fencing - Additional Fencing March 06,2018
New Access Road to Good Hope Dredge Material Placement Area February 07,2018
13-041C Rincon B Mitigation Construction December 22,2017
Rincon West Storage Area Development December 04,2017
La Quinta Terminal Upland Buffer Area (Re-Bid) October 31,2017
Fire Pressurization Upgrades at Oil Docks 1, 2 & 15 October 11,2017
La Quinta Terminal Upland Buffer Area October 05,2017
Bulk Liquid Handling Facility at Bulk Dock 3 September 18,2017
Mike Carrell Road Entrance & Roadway September 12,2017
General Improvements to Cargo Dock 9 August 18,2017
Storm Water System Quality Improvements June 12,2017
Bulk Terminal Paving Improvements June 05,2017
Viola Barge Basin Bulkhead Addition May 08,2017
Interim Improvements and Stabilization of Permian Yard March 31,2017
Purchase of Floating Dock - Oil Transfer Operating Platform March 16,2017
Tule Lake Lift Bridge Foundation Removal November 08,2016
Sam Rankin Street Improvements September 27,2016
Construction of Oil Dock 15 September 27,2016
Security Grant 15 - Bulk Terminal Fencing August 30,2016
La Quinta Mitigation - Aquatic Habitat - Phase II July 08,2016