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Efficient Logistics for Energy Diversification

Research and development for efficient logistics of wind turbine components is occurring at a top port for U.S.A. wind power. 

Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railways have announced successful testing of new fixtures designed to move blades more efficiently.  Port Corpus Christi is one of the top points for import and export of wind components, and holds an integral role in testing of these blade fixtures. 

In teaming up with engineering and design firm, Energo, BNSF has developed a universal fixture to handle blades by rail and ocean going vessels.  This will provide the ability for blades to enter port by rail and be directly loaded to a ship, and vice versa with out necessitating a switch in fixtures.  These universal fixtures are developed to handle blades of any size, and have proven to increase efficiency in multiple tests at Port Corpus Christi. 

Additionally, Transportation Technology Services (TTS) has developed a High Density (HD) Universal Blade Train fixture allowing a 33% load increase, and has tested this on multiple trains leaving Port Corpus Christi for a Kansas wind farm project.  

Port Corpus Christi continues to hold a major logistics role in international energy diversification. 

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voestalpine Texas construction at La Quinta Trade Gateway progresses quickly

At the La Quinta Trade Gateway at Port Corpus Christi, construction of the world's largest and most advanced Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) plant is well underway.  Steel construction of the 136 meter high tower supporting the reduction shaft, or metallurgical reactor, is advancing.  This will be the heart of the voestalpine Texas operation where South Texas natural gas will function as an agent in creating purified iron briquettes.  In turn the briquettes will be exported and used in the production of high quality steel components.  Dock construction along the shores of the deep-water La Quinta Ship channel is also advancing at a timely pace. 

The construction phase of the voestalpine Texas project at the Port Corpus Christi La Quinta Trade Gateway is ontime and expected to wrap up by December of 2015.

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Construction of the HBI plant in Corpus Christi progresses quicklyConstruction of the HBI plant in Corpus Christi progresses quickly

Visionary Leader Announces Retirement

A visionary leader will retire with 27 years of service at Port Corpus Christi.  Managing Director, Frank Brogan, announced his retirement effective February 2, 2015.  Port Corpus Christi and its surrounding region have grown by leaps and bounds during Mr. Brogan's tenure.  Much of the greatest infrastructure projects allowing this growth are a direct result of his vision.  Prior to Frank's addition as a full time employee of our port, he served as a consultant in many important port projects. 

Frank Brogan led the planning for future growth of Port Corpus Christi with projects such as the 52-foot channel project, the new Harbor Bridge, and the La Quinta Terminal.  He helped reorganize Port Corpus Christi's Security Department and held a key role in the new strategic plan and organizational plan for Port Corpus Christi. 

As Frank Brogan moves towards the future with his retirement, he leaves a great legacy that prepares Port Corpus Christi and South Texas for a prosperous future. 

Frank Brogan web

The Port Commission of Port Corpus Christi is expected to consider a nationwide search for his replacement at the January 13, 2015 commission meeting. 

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Oil Prices Continue Declining - What will the future hold for our region?

Production in the South Texas Eagle Ford Shale ran with a steadily increasing rate since the oil boom began in 2010.  Along with this, the city of Corpus Christi and its surrounding region are experiencing phenomenal growth. 

Crude bearing vessels frequent docks at Port Corpus Christi, loading up sweet Eagle Ford crude for transport to US and Candadian refiners.  Product is offloaded and the vessels promptly sail back to Corpus Christi for more. 

Mid-December prices of US oil are running in the mid $50 mark, down from a peak at $107/barrel in June of 2014.  Oil exploration companies are planning to scale back operations for 2015. 

Despite this shift in the South Texas oil boom, Corpus Christi and the surrounding region stand ready for the future.  Though it will differ from rates at the peak of the oil boom, oil exploration and well production will continue.   

Abundant natural gas production in the Eagle Ford Shale will provide several new industries surrounding Port Corpus Christi with affordable efficient power. 

Diversified, multi-national companies continue to invest billions of dollars in South Texas, and will continue to support prosperity for the region well into the future. 

Port Corpus Christi takes a large role in logistics for the Eagle Ford Shale.  The South Texas port is also well diversified for efficient logistics in dry cargo, project cargo, and more.  The La Quinta Trade Gateway, a new general cargo terminal with deep-water access is in the works, and will ensure efficient logistics while further enhancing world trade for the region and world. 

The City of Corpus Christi is also well diversified with a burgeoing tourism economy with millions of annual visitors, a growing medical center, and important military installations. 

Though the Eagle Ford Shale boom may reach a leveling point, Your Port of the Lone Star State, and our region are poised and ready for a prosperous future.


Vessels sail the Corpus Christi Ship Channel.

A Wall Street Journal Article, 'Plunge in Oil Prices Brings Jitters to Texas City', covers this topic in detail.  Click here.


Long Term Vitality as Economic Projections from Shale Continue Up

For Texas, long term vitality is well within reach with help from the South Texas Eagle Ford shale formation.  As totals begin to come in for a 2013 University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) economic impact study, numbers are up a full $5 billion dollars over 2012.  Results from the study show a total of $87 billion in positive economic impact on Texas for 2013. 

The UTSA study includes counties surrounding the Eagle Ford Shale which receive a direct economic impact from all associated activity. 
These include the counties of Nueces and San Patricio; home of Port Corpus Christi.  Port projects and related growth comprise several of those billions. 

Oil and gas production in the Eagle Ford Shale continues to climb.  The abundance of affordable natural gas is helping fuel growth of billions of dollars in multinational investment surrounding Port Corpus Christi.  Corporations including, Tianjin Pipe (TPCO), The voestalpine Group, and M&G are currently in construction phase with state of the art facilities in the works for each. 

Texas oil production is currently at a 30 year high.

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South Texas Eagle Ford Shale map from UTSA

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